Putting money where our mouths go  

Amagwijo has been an integral part of the isiXhosa culture for generations, and is now turning the spirit of the movement into upliftment for generations to come. 

The Gwijo Squad is a non-profit organisation that uses our voices to shine a light on both the sports we love — and those without the means to turn true passion into performance. By connecting South African business to underprivileged schools initiatives, we are able to allocate funds to South African boys and girls with the talent to exceed, so that they can embrace the opportunities that will help them realise their dreams. 

From school fees and sports tours, to developing infrastructure and connecting sponsorship with the youth, the Gwijo Squad strives to put South Africa’s future champions on the right track to their tomorrows — today! 

If your business would like to get involved, please contact us so that we can get communications started on how your potential investment could make a difference.