Gwijo Squad sing song

Sing-Song at the Bok hotel

It’s become quite a bit of a tradition to go to the Springbok hotel a couple of days before match day and conduct a sing-song for the team.
The Gwijo Squad gets in touch with the Springbok management and agrees on a day that they can arrive for the Sing-Song at the Bok hotel.

Arrival at the Bok hotel

A number of members will arrive at the hotel and begin to sing amagwijo – a tradition that goes back to high schools days when it came to big derby match weekends.

Gwijo Squad was contacted by the producers of Carte Blanche, the investigative television show, to see if they couldn’t follow the squad to the Sing-Song. The film crew arrived just before the proceedings began.

Sing-Song at the Bok hotel

The Sing-Song lasts for just over an hour, but the impact it has on the players is nothing short of positive vibes and love from the Gwijo Squad members.
As Gwijo Squad began to sing amagwijo, the captain Siya Kolisi was heading into the hotel for some downtime, but he just couldn’t stop himself from running over to the squad and joining in.
The moment he arrived, the tempo picked up and the energy was electric.

Click here to watch a video of the #GwijoSquadSingSong

Siya Kolisi thanked Gwijo Squad for putting together the sing-song. Click here to watch. 

What an incredible experience as always with the team.

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