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Gwijo Squad goes to Mbombela Stadium

The Gwijo Squad for the first time embarked on their first over night trip to go and watch the Springboks play the All Blacks.
And it was the first time that the non-profit organisation travelled to support the men in green and gold out of province – all the way to Nelspruit to visit Mbombela Stadium for the first time as a unit.

The trip

The match tickets were booked months before hand. The squad was excited on embarking on the trip.
The members got to book their spaces on the trip and the countdown started for the first trip away.

Gwijo Squad on the way to Nelspruit 2022

The journey

On the morning of the match, Saturday 7 August, the bus arrived bright and early to collect the excited 25 strong Gwijo Squad.
The packed lunches were packed, the overnight bags were loaded and the special Gwijo Squad merchandise had been handed over.

The self-appointed captain, Mzwandile Riba, said a motivational speech to get the trip going.

At the halfway stop, the infamous Petroport N4 Alzu, the squad got out to stretch their legs and get their voices warmed up a tad bit with some of the locals joining in.
We managed to get to the Nelspruit in the planned time, checked the members into their allocated rooms.
A quick two hours to relax, take a nap and get ready to head to the stadium.

Gwijo Squad at Petroport N4 Alzu

Gwijo Squad arrives at Mbombela Stadium

All the members got onto the bus to head straight to the stadium. Gwijo Squad members were excited to watch the Springboks play live for the first time in two years (due to the Covid-19 pandemic).

Gwijo Squad at Mbombela Stadium

As we arrived to the stadium, we made our way to our seats the usual way – in song.
The experience was completely breathtaking. The cherry onto was the South African national men’s rugby team winning against the New Zealand team.

Gwijo Squad at Mbombela Stadium 2022

What a match. What an atmosphere. What an experience.


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