Gwijo Squad releases an album

It’s happened! Gwijo Squad has released an album.
You can now listen to amagwijo sung by some members of the Gwijo Squad, in the comfort of your car, on the sofa in your living room or even at a braai (safely) with friends and family.

Where can you find them?

Gwijo Squad together with support from Klipdrift, released five studio-recorded tracks on music streaming platforms – Spotify, Apple Music and YouTube Music.

Klipdrift reached out to Gwijo Squad and offered to assist with putting together a number of tracks for the Gwijo Squad EP.
The efforts of the premium brandy brand were welcomed by the members and steps were taken to book a producer as well as a studio for a few days.

What to expect

The wonderful mixture of the voices brings the tracks to life and you feel that you can easily pump up the volume and sing-a-long.
The amagwijo featured on the EP are given a slight twist to suit the Gwijo Squad flare and energy but otherwise their are amagwijo that many have grown up singing and will continue singing.


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