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Always tired. Busy weekdays. Maybe tomorrow. These are some of the excuses that you come up with when the time comes for you to exercise.
Regular exercise can keep your blood pressure low, reduce the risk of cardiovascular disease, and help maintain a healthy weight. A bit of exercise will help with your fitness journey.

What’s it all about?

Some people like to take a leisurely walk. Some people like to get their heart rates pumping incredibly fast. While others like a quick cycle around the neighbourhood or three.
We are saying whatever your fitness choice, be part of the Fitness with Gwijo Squad club.

What is the target?

We have started the challenge at 100km of fitness per month. Whether you cycle, run or walk it, just make sure you are having fun doing it.
The challenge starts on Monday 1 March!

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How do I join?

Anyone can join. All you have to do is go onto Strava, download the app (if you don’t have it yet) and join the Fitness with Gwijo Squad club. 

We will be launching our challenges in the months to follow as we see the engagement with our members.
This will allow our members to be able to earn rewards through the app, as well as with Gwijo Squad.

Any motivation?

We love to get our members motivated, so we asked a few of our Gwijo Squad members who are part of the club to let us know how they stay motivated and what fitness means to them.

“When I workout, I feel and perform at my best in almost all aspects of my life, a clear mind all around. Not to mention how it keeps me healthy and in good shape. It’s a lifestyle you won’t regret. Try it!,” says Naledi Mdyesha


“I do it (move my body, get my heart working a bit more) to respect my body and the need for it to carry me through the years that are still to come. It’s worth it,” says Dean Thompson


“Fitness to me is proving to myself that I am capable of whatever I set my mind to and despite of everything that happens around me, I am capable of pushing myself to my limits, changing my mental attitude and smashing goals… all whilst looking and feeling good too. Go on, start with 1km a day. You got this,” says Litha Mbete


“Starting is always the hardest part, but once you’ve gotten and laced up things get waaay easier. Just try enjoy the journey, be patient and the results will come to fruition.” says Mivuyo Mjajubana

The first few weeks of Fitness with Gwijo Squad are likely to be the toughest. Be patient and take small steps to actively improve your health.
Be patient, the benefits will be worth it.

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