gwijo squad online quiz

The Gwijo Squad online quiz

Are you missing seeing some of your friends from the Gwijo Squad family?
It’s time for everyone to play together in The Great Gwijo Squad Online Quiz.
There won’t any jumping onto a vibey bus, with a beer in hand and singing amagwijo at the top of our lungs to the stadium arm-in-arm, but at least we can have fun with our very own online quiz.

Our Facebook live quiz will focus on general knowledge questions.

What to expect

You can expect to have tons of fun with your friends.
The quiz will be a great challenge for all levels and abilities. There will be sporting questions, identify the pictures and of course, a very special music round.
Brush up on your rugby, netball and cricket knowledge. There will also bonus trivia on South African girl and boy schools.

How to sign up

The quiz will be free for everyone who wants to participate and will be streamed on the Gwijo Squad Facebook page.
There will be a special score sheet supplied and only allocated team leaders, for each team, will be asked to submit it.

Score sheets will be available on the day of the quiz.

How do you form a team?

It’s super easy to form a team. All you have to do is gather your friends, start a Zoom meeting or Whatsapp call on the side, to discuss your answers as a team, but all tune onto the Facebook live stream.
It can be just yourself in a team, or you and the people you are in lockdown with at home as well. Make the right choice and get your team together sooner rather than later.
Teams will also get an opportunity to take a photo/screenshot of their team, and tweet it using #GwijoSquadOnlineQuiz 
What a vibe.

What is required?

Each team member is required to watch the live stream on Facebook to be able to hear the questions.
Absolutely no googling of answers is allowed. It just spoils the fun.

Let’s beat the lockdown blues and have fun as a family online, hopefully with a beer in hand (left hand).

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  1. Good morning Gwijo Squad hope you well and fine.
    I just want to know if you want to be a member of the Gwijo team is it required for one,to have a singing voice, or you can just join.

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