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Following President Cyril Ramaphosa’s regulations on a national lockdown, and the restrictive measures taken to combat the outbreak of COVID-19 in South Africa, we are reaching out to all our valued Gwijo Squad members, to update you on how the measures affect our proposed 2020 calendar.

Here are the latest updates

Proposed Annual General Meeting

An AGM had been proposed to be held during the months of March/April but due to the national lockdown, it will have to be postponed to another date in the year, when it is deemed safe by the government.

Gwijo Squad get-together/braai

The committee was looking forward to hosting a classic Gwijo Squad get-together, where the family welcomes any new members, and where all the members get a chance to catch up in Gwijo Squad style.
Unfortunately, the festivities had to be put on hold due to the outbreak.
But of course, entertainment vibes won’t be scratched off the list… The plans have been placed on ice and when the time is right, the plans will be thawed and the festivities will be enjoyed.

Our events for the rest of 2020

The cricket season of 2020 was a great vibe where the Gwijo Squad not only gained a few new members but it was the Gwijo Squad’s first meet-up for 2020.
Wanderers Stadium was our wonderful summer playground, as we cheered on the Proteas in the stands as they play against England and Australia.
Our football skills were tested against the Barmy Army in a friendly encounter at Pirates Sports Club.
The committee has been working behind-the-scenes (most of February and March), getting in contact with Netball SA and stadium management for the upcoming Springbok matches.
SparProteas netball matches have postponed to possibly later in the year due to the coronavirus.
Our planning to attend the Springbok matches will continue on the sideline, with stadium management and the likes.
We will keep everyone informed once we get the ticket greenlight.

We encourage all our members to stay safe and adhere to all the necessary precautions.

Siyani thanda nonke emakhaya.

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