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Gwijo Squad attends their second Pink Day

The cricket match usually played at Wanderers Stadium, commonly known as Pink Day, has become a great one to be part of, with seats sold out weeks before the first ball is bowled. On Sunday 9 February 2020, Gwijo Squad attended their second Pink Day and sat in their favourite section, Unity Stand.

Pink shorts… Check.
Pink t-shirt… Check.
Pink cap…. Check.
Even the odd pink tutus was spotted around the crowd in the stands.

The vibe was electric from the get-go. The Gwijo Squad members trickled in and by noon our section was filled with beautiful faces, and our voices were warmed-up for the afternoon’s play.


Amagwijo get the crowd going at Pink Day

gwijo squad members at wanderers stadium


Fighting the fight

Gwijo Squad did not for one second forget what the cause was all about – awareness of breast cancer and that the fight continues.

gwijo squad member cancer awareness

The support is always unbelievable

The number of people who meet us at the stadium, who hear us on the television, are always grade 10 supporters. Their words of encouragement are what keeps us focussed and willing to go that extra kilometre. And Pink Day was no different with the amount of support we received.

Pink Day at the Bullring is truly a special day, with the supporters getting behind the Proteas, in pink, and cheering them on.
Well done to England on the win, it was pretty close towards the last couple of overs.

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