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Gwijo Squad raises their voice at Wanderers Stadium

Saturday 25 January 2020 was the 2nd day of the 4th Test where the Proteas were looking to level the series against England at Wanderers Stadium, in Johannesburg. And Gwijo Squad was there to make sure their voice was there to support the national cricket team.
The day began with a bit of rain over most of Joburg but it soon cleared up and play commenced with England at 192-4.

The arrival

The Gwijo Squad absolutely love supporting the national cricket team, and this particular Saturday at the Bullring wouldn’t be any different for the supporters club.
The day has been in the Gwijo Squad calendar for more than three months and the day had arrived.
The Squad started arriving just before lunch and gathered at their section – Unity Stands Upper Level.

Molweni nonke

The first gwijo of the day was a greeting as well as a quick warm-up of the voices and of course, making an announcement to the rest of the stadium that we had arrived… We were present… And we were fully behind the Proteas no matter what the situation was on the field.

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The support

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Next stop: Pink Day

What an incredible day. It was the first appearance for 2020 by the Gwijo Squad and it went down swimmingly.
The members got to Wanderers Stadium, greeted each other at the stands and made sure that they were heard.
It’s good to be back together as a family. It sure does feel good.
We can’t wait until our next outing at the Momentum ODI (more commonly known as Pink Day) to erupt the stands again with our voices and be a supportive family to the Proteas.

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