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Our commitment to being a safe space

We acknowledge that the Gwijo Squad does not exist in a vacuum and our members exist as part of the greater South Africa and the African diaspora as a whole. As such, we make it our concern to keep abreast of issues that affect our communities at large.
Our country is in the throes of necessary outrage as there continues to be more evidence that our country’s men continue to be the biggest threat to the safety and security of those who are vulnerable.

It is imperative for us as the Gwijo Squad to continue holding ourselves to the highest standards in terms of ensuring that our group continues to be a place of sanctuary for all, especially the vulnerable such as women and children.
Security is a delicate condition-based largely on confidence in one’s environment to protect them. It is thus incumbent on us to have a high sensitivity to anything that could make the women and children of the Gwijo Squad feel uneasy.

As the Council, we have taken a decision to ask members with a dark cloud of accusations for gender-based violence in our midst to exit the Gwijo Squad until they can get a resolution of said accusations as the peace of mind of our Gwijists is paramount.

We appreciate everyone’s understanding and assistance in ensuring that Gwijo Squad remains a safe space for all.

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  1. The gwijo squad has a great role to play in uniting the people of south africa!!
    Your role is as important as tata madibas was in 95! Rugby is not a white sport its a south african sport! You are the link in the game to the people of sa!!! Rise south africa rise!!!!!

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